IST 22 - 42 - 62 ATEX II3G

Product of I.S.T. Italia Sistemi Tecnologici S.p.A.

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  • printpack alger 2018
  • Hall 2 2B.40

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Product description

The new ATEX II3G series of distillation units, from 25 to 60 liters capacity, is ATEX certified and with microprocessor control panel with digital display.

For small and medium companies, with constant and repetitive solvent consumption, it’s an always working machine, daily operated by a single button. Let it work during overnight: it will automatically shut off once the cycle is finished and you will find it ready to start once again in the morning.

These new entries in the IST range are oriented to money-saving, granting less investment from the customer, but ensuring reliability and safety, the characteristics that allowed our brand to grow strong in the worldwide market.

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