Spectrodensitometer FD-7

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  • printpack alger 2018
  • Hall 1 1C.19

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Product description

A potential problem is that the paper used for print products influences the final colour. Many kinds of paper used for printing contain fluorescent whitening agents (FWA’s) to make the paper appear brighter and whiter. The effect of the paper fluorescence on the colour of print products is particularly large when viewed under Illuminant D50*1. For this reason, ISO 13655-2009*2 defines Measurement Condition M1 as having illumination corresponding to CIE Illuminant D50 to minimize differences in measurement results due to paper fluorescence. However, this effect cannot be controlled with conventional Spectrodensitometers using tungsten lamps as light source.
The new Spectrodensitometers FD-7 and FD-5 offer unique solutions to this problem by utilizing Konica Minolta's patented VFS (Virtual Fluorescence Standard) technology to enable colour evaluation which takes in to consideration the fluorescence of the paper under Illuminant D50, the standard light source used by the printing industry for colour evaluation.  Because of this, the FD-7 and Fd-5 are the first instruments that offer measurement results corresponding to ISO 13655 Measurement Condition M1.

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