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    • plastprintpack Ethiopia 2018
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    • plast alger 2018
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    • plastprintpack Nigeria 2018
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    Today, agrifilm production is predominantly obtained by multi-layer coextrusion lines while single-layer film application is increasingly intended for a limited and low target market. Nowadays, three-layer coextrusion lines are preferred as they satisfy the current requirements for agrifilm. Nonetheless, future trends are toward 5-layer line configuration (with the possibilities to have 7-layer configuration). The multi-layer film ensuresan enhanced management of raw process materials and optimi…
  • 30 / 25 Sport Bottle Lids

    • plast alger 2018
    • Hall 1 1B.58
    • plast alger 2016
    CONTENT Still water, Non-carbonated drinks TYPE OF PACKAGING PET, PE NECK 3 Entry points RESIN Organoleptic HDPE SEAL Band with hook
  • 60 plastic extrusion lines

    plast alger 2016
    SCT-STRAW  does have 60 plastic extrusion lines making 1200 different products. More than 20 raw materials are used in the process. The scope of our activity is so broad that our products are used in many different industrial sectors: Confectionery Building Electric Automotive Perfumery Hygiene In some sectors, such as confectionery or automobiles, we have established a world-wide reputation and our products are used by the sector’s leading manufacturers. Our determina…
  • omet Aberto

    Visitor of OMET SRC
    Association of Italian manufacturers of machinery for the graphic, paper and converting industry

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    Acimga is the association of Italian manufacturers of machinery for the graphic, paper and converting industry. Established in 1947, it plays a key role in the industry both in Italy and internationally representing “Made by Italy” production – that is, not just machinery produced in Italy, but the wealth of competence and expertise unique to the country which is the trademark of these technologies, regardless of where they are manufactured. ACIMGA is part of a national and international networ…
  • Activated Carbon

    • plast alger 2018
    • Hall 1 1B.06
    Our activated carbon products effectively remove pollutants, contaminants and other impurities from water, air, food and beverages, pharmaceuticals and more. We are a global leader in the research, development, manufacturing and sale of high-grade activated carbon used in a growing range of environmental, health, safety and industrial applications. Building on our more than 90-year history of innovative product development, we produce a diverse array of products with over 150 different activat…
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  • Air ring blower

    plast alger 2016
    Above picture shows a brand new 9-layers co-ex film blowing line which we have just completed for a customer in USA. The line was built with many special requests from our customer and the main features are described in brief details on the following pages. The technical manager from the customer has been here twice to test run this line and he is extremely pleased with the line, its high quality and great performance. At the first visit about a month ago he came along with two more engineers fr…

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